Who we are

Founder and First Artistic Director (Bios)

Ilona Copen, Founder
Igor Youskevitch, First Artistic Director

Executive and Artistic Directors (Bios)

Marcia De La Garza, Executive Director
Eleanor D’Antuono, Artistic Director

Board of Directors (Bios)

James A. Goldstein
Susan Jannetta
Adina Newman
Sheila Peluso

Advisory Board

Frank Andersen
Julio Bocca
Eleanor D’Antuono
Frederic Franklin
Marilyn Hunt
Virginia Johnson
Robert Lindgren
Paul McRae
Ben Stevenson
Denise Jackson Sutherland

In Memoriam
Fernando Bujones (1984-2005)
Lucia Chase (1983-1986)
Ilona Copen (1983 – 2010)
Alexandra Danilova (1983-1994)
Oliver Smith (1983-1996)
Igor Youskevitch (1983-1994)

Take a look at the past 30 years of NYIBC here, to learn more about past judges, coaches, repertory, medalists and honorees.