NYIBC 1984

Honorary Chairpersons
Governor and Mrs. Mario Cuomo

Round I: Les Sylphides Valse
Round II: La Bayadère, Pas de Deux, from the Kingdom of the Shades, staged by Eleanor D’Antuono
Round III: Gaité Parisienne, Pas de Deux from The Glove Seller Dance, staged by George Zoritch
Round IV: La Fille Mal Gardée, Pas de Deux from Harvest Scene,  re-staged by Maria Youskevitch

Gala Performance and Awards Ceremony Honorary Chairperson
Gene Kelly

Teachers and Coaches
Irina Baronova, Alexandra Danilova, Eleanor D’Antuono, Andrei Kramarevsky, Igor Youskevitch, Maria Youskevitch, George Zoritch

Masters of Ceremonies
Tony Randall and Gwen Verdon

Yvette Chauviré, Krassimira Koldamova, Asami Maki, Vicente Nebrada, Azary Plisetsky, Flemming Ryberg, Ben Stevenson, Violette Verdy

Victoria Mazzarelli (USA), Gold Medal
Lori A. Nowak (USA), Silver Medal
Laurie Jane Miller (USA), Silver Medal
Nadia Deferm (Belgium), Bronze Medal
Serge Lavoire (Canada), Silver Medal
Daniel Meja (France), Silver Medal
Michael P. Foster (USA), Bronze Medal

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